Dave's Story

Dave started his music career on the drums, Dave played in many "cover" bands for over a decade, some of these bands had original music and toured the U.S.A. on a limited basis, so Dave has played in many venues across the country.

In 1998 Dave decided to learn to play the guitar as he had many original songs that he wanted to complete and perform them publicly in a full band. Dave started out using books and the internet to learn how to play the guitar. During this time Dave focused completely on the guitar having not even picked up a drum stick for the next 11 years.

In 2009 Dave returned to playing drums in an original band as a favor to a friend, the band was "Category IV". While in Category IV Dave was part of 2 professional recording sessions and played in many shows. After the band broke up in 2011, Dave created a band that he was the guitarist and main songwriter, this band was "Hawk", Hawk gained quite a large fan base in Europe, Asia and South America. Dave dissolved this band in early 2014 due to a lack of competent lead vocalists.

Dave wanted a fresh start so he created the band "Bodikin", this band features most of the members of "Hawk" and continues to build a following to rival that of "Hawk", in this band Dave is still the main songwriter and one of the guitar players but he now fronts this band and is one of the lead vocalists.

When Dave started to play the guitar he tried many different guitars, amps, effect processors, strings and picks. Dave found a combination that felt and worked well for him and he still uses these products to this day. Dave exclusively uses ESP/LTD guitars, Laney Amplification, Boss Effects Processors, S.I.T. Strings, Dunlap Tortex Picks and Ralph Marlin Straps.

Dave constantly writes new music, some of the music is just fun loving Rock N Roll but mostly he writes from past experiences being either from his musical past or his personal life. Dave is also a student in Music Career Mentoring Program offered by the Tom Hess Music Corp.

Dave likes to say that he has "Seen and done more in my short life than most people will experience in their entire life" and reading the lyrics to his songs you would have to agree.

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