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Rose Lisa
Hi Bodikin. It is a pleasure to visit your site. I am enjoying a listen to Wanted. You guys have a great rock sound. I love your melodic guitar riffs, clear bass, solid drums, and sweet vocals! Best wishes!
Chris Ingram
terrific playing, strong tunes and excellent vocals and thoughtful lyrics. Great beat and restrained when needed as in "Wanted" - Ooodles of talent - thanks, Chris
Fantastic sounds my friends!!! ~Myk~
Silver Knuckle
Love the music! You guys are awesome! 
Marky H
Mic Legend
Great Music! Love the energy! "Let's Party" and "Wanted" rocks!
louis lebeck
great music glad to be a fan
Gumbo YaYa Radio Show
Great Music a must have for any playlist!
Bear Essence
Bloody massive sound. Good work guys, loved escapade!
Dreamscape Divers
Now this is what I call MUSIC!!! Soooo cool. Ah was amazing!!
Jay (Music Producer)
Bodikin great rock music! Ah Thumbs up!