Our Story

Bodikin is a newly formed band, the Bio is short, at this time, the band members Bio pages are more in depth so check them out.

Bodikin was formed in December 2013 with founding members Dave on Vocals / Guitar, Austin on Vocals / Bass and Marc on Drums. In April Bodikin added Luke on Keyboards and in July they added Jeff on Guitar.

Bodikin currently has 20 original Rock / Hard Rock songs and are writing new songs all the time mainly drawing from past life experiences but a few are just for fun songs and one political song. Bodikin's musical stlye draws from the Blues clear up through modern music. The majority of their music is high energy in your face Hard Rock but the band is also working on a few Power Ballads and an Instrumental or two.

Bodikin has started building a fan base and will be working hard to build their fan base world wide, they have fans located in almost every country in the world. Currently the majority of their fan base is located in Europe, Asia and South America.

Bodikin has released their first EP, Let's Party, it is available at CDBaby for digital download only. Bodikin is currently working on new material for their first full length studio album, it will consist of 10 original songs. The new album is planned to be released in the Spring of 2015.